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Future Pinball - Original Tables
Future Pinball is a freely available pinball engine and table editor for Windows. These tables are new designs not based on real world tables.

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file_icons/favourites.gif Creature From Sponng
  View Full Sized Screenshot
Short Description:  Creature From Planet Sponng
Submitted On:  25 Jun 2006
File Size:  2,519.86 Kb
Downloads:  34010
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:1 
file_icons/favourites.gif Halloween
  View Full Sized Screenshot
Short Description:  The first table I have ever developed. I based it on the movie Halloween. I hope you enjoy it. I know I have fun playing it. Maybe because I built ...
Submitted On:  21 Jun 2006
File Size:  3,325.84 Kb
Downloads:  47935
Rating:    stars/0.gifTotal Votes:0 
file_icons/favourites.gif Stadium Soccer
  View Full Sized Screenshot
Short Description:  score is in the lightsif you win you get cheers,if you lose you get out, the red team is pretty good,they will stuff you, you will cur...
Submitted On:  26 Jun 2006
File Size:  755.89 Kb
Downloads:  7160
Rating:    stars/0.gifTotal Votes:0 
file_icons/favourites.gif Table Hockey
  View Full Sized Screenshot
Short Description:  Table Hockey is a new slant on pinball and can be decribed as a combination of foosball, airhockey and pinball. Play against the computer, first to...
Submitted On:  13 Jul 2006
File Size:  342.73 Kb
Downloads:  9821
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:2 
file_icons/favourites.gif Truxton Pinball
  View Full Sized Screenshot
Short Description:  Based on the nineties arcade shooter Truxton. This table is a sensory overload of sight and sound based around a space theme. Multiball feature and fantastic light sequences.
Submitted On:  02 Dec 2007
File Size:  14,645.77 Kb
Downloads:  53781
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:1 
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